So moving on from mental health and life is varying the places I venture.

Other week was Edinburgh for a few days to see different places there.

It was one of the sunniest weekends in a long time so that was super fab. Using the sightseeing tour buses would recommend Ā£16 per person for 24 hours use of the bus and you can buy tickets from any of the bus stops…. this is something I did not know and wish I did prior to using this service.

There are many museums in the area varying from art to science and local culture of course, the Edinburgh castle.

Tried the scotch whiskey experience, totally discovered whiskey is not for me and would need to stick to the bronze option instead as silver with 5 whiskey tastings destroyed me.

Even though I went for three days, I would say stay longer! if you want to go to more places such as parliament and the Holyrood palace.

If distillerys are your thing you need to get a bigger tour or pay for rentals as I found these places are quite wide spread.

Use the trains and buses save yourself the walk! As I went to Edinburgh zoo initially used a taxi could of literally took a bus for a fraction of the cost. Also just a quick note if you love animals the zoo is totally worth it, however the penguins feeding and talk is very popular to observe and you need to wait around quite a while if you want a view you can see from.

Next stop is Liverpool! If anyone has any advice or recommendations of places to go please advise me :)!

Bye guyssss

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