Liverpool adventures

So this bank holiday Liverpool was the place I went tooooo!!

Not really been properly before so this time it was attraction viewing.

Travelled by train wasn’t too bad but was pretty full because of it being a bank holiday; expected!

There are many places to go see in liverpool which are free which is obviously more appealing.

I got tickets to the sightseeing bus ‘the red one’ seen as there are a few different types. The type I got tickets for was the general city tour with the extended tour of the Beatles.

The benefit of this is going to Penny lane, strawberry fields, John Lennon’s house and go past Paul McCartney’s street but your not allowed our at the last 2 places.

I enjoyed it the first tour guide that was speaking on the bus was really informative, interesting and was all round funny.

If you want it cheaper because its £16 per person for the bus go on groupon you can get 2 tickets and it’s for 48 giving you discounts to other places too for like £18 saving you a fair bit.

Other museums like the museum of liverpool has an exhibition for John and Yoko in too if your looking for Beatles stuff to view. Along with the merch part of course.

Near this museum is the fab 4 statue which is so much easier to take a photo with on an evening if your staying nearby.

Further up is Albert dock which has the wheel, quite expensive if I’m being honest £10 for an adult unless tour concessionary…. unsure if it’s worth it as its pretty quick. Personally if you want a view of the city go to the radio tower, St. John’s beacon. It’s only £6.50 entry for an adult and if a radio shows being broadcast you can enjoy seeing that happening too!. Great views from this viewpoint and cheaper, do it!

Obviously theres Matthew street too, the street of the Beatles and Cilla Black. Entry to the cavern where the Beatles played is £2.50 you can get some great pictures in there and buy some merch if you fancy, also not bad prices.

Now getting to the more general stuff theres gyms in the city centre is thats what you fancy, you have many many restaurants.

Liverpool one is an attraction within itself if your looking to go shopping! As well as having it’s own food court you can spend alot of time and money there if your into that;)!

This is just a brief view of liverpool you could enjoy a longer time there than I did I was there 3 days which was an ample amount of time, enjoyable, interesting and full of intriguing activities to do.

Next time for me is I saw junk yard golf ???? Would like to try this next time.

Thanks for reading everyone hope it helps you with things to do if you go.

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