Been a while…

Hi all,

Thought I’d write a quick one.

Not really had time to write anything but I have had time for some anime, of course there’s always time for that.

So what’s been good recently? Well of course My Hero Academia! Deku is a consistently strong character who does not change but progresses with the same behaviours and traits. Obviously, the side characters and villains are fantastic. We also have the new film to look forward to watching! Can’t wait.

Additionally I really enjoyed Demon slayer, Kimetsu no yaiba. I can see why it’s won so many awards. It draws you in with an opening scene of Tanjiro running away in the woods which are covered in snow. He is a wonderful, strong and heroic character. But, you know what I’m going to say…. Nezuko is absolutely best girl. What a sister. Not going to ruin it for those that want to watch it but it just gets better throughout.

Also, how could I forget, Dr stone.

What an anime. It’s so realistic and immersive. Literally teaches you as you watch. What more could you need, anime and science combined.

He has friends, new companions, family even which develop Dr stone within the anime. I couldn’t wait every week to watch it. I also preferred the anime in Japanese to English, as it felt more involved, the voices suited the characters so well.

Now this is just a brief overview of my thoughts. Obviously, there are many other animes that have been out that I’ve skipped over.

I just want to know your thoughts on recent anime? Any you would recommend? Or new ones you know of in the coming months !

Thanks everyone!