Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill just watched this anime in its entirety. At first it was just same old anime, boy goes on adventure to bring fortune to his village.

However, Tatsumi encounters nasty people in the Capital unexpectedly.

He doesn’t instantly gain what he wants which made me feel more interested in this anime. He meets Leone, who rips him off, and unbeknownst to Tatsumi she is a member of the rebel forces Night Raid.

Skipping ahead a bit other characters are all very individual in terms of their abilities and behaviours. Akame is a pro chef obsessed with meat, a savage killer yet the kindest of all. She is an in depth character due to her background of her and the younger sister that she has. They were both trained as assassins for the capital however Akame changed sides and became a member of Night raid.

Now, Esdeath is the ministers lead killer for the capital. She has the most powerful Imperial arms. I haven’t mentioned these yet but they are individual items created from creatures which form a highly intense powerful weapon of destruction. I don’t want to spoil what Esdeaths is but it’s very strong, in comparison to most others due to its demonic nature.

Anyway! I binged watched the 24 eps of this series as you can see the above three were my fave characters!

I wouldn’t say it’s now my favourite anime because that wouldn’t be true.

Its engaging, with its occasional swearing from the cute characters captivating its audience.

Give it a watch 😉