Been a while…

Hi all, Thought I’d write a quick one. Not really had time to write anything but I have had time for some anime, of course there’s always time for that. So what’s been good recently? Well of course My Hero Academia! Deku is a consistently strong character who does not change but progresses with the […]

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Life and Mental Health

Not written on here in a while… Moving away from the anime for a sec to discuss life. When you get to that point where everything feels hopeless in a land of endless despair. The moment where everything starts and ends with one problem and another begins. This is where I am at currently… in […]

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Devils line anime

Just want to say whoever drew the picture I’ve just used it’s amaze! Hope you don’t mind me using it to represent the review. Started watching this today and by starting it I mean I binged the 4 episodes that I could find that are out. Yes people are saying is it like twilight because […]

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Tokyo ghoul re episode 6

Just watched this week’s newest episode! So many feels in there that resonate with the sense of self. Sasike looking into himself to figure out who he is or even moreso who he should be. Honestly I feel like it’s such an emotional episode especially when they put it into the black and white checkered […]

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New ep//Tokyo ghoul

Newest episode of Tokyo ghoul re is out! I think I’m still getting over sasike not being ken kaneki properly yet? Again? It’s just so different I just think it’s not fair that he’s living this other life with the people he was trying to protect the ghouls from. Takizawa was the most shocking for […]

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