Pokemon- Best Series?

Hi everyone, Thought I would return to an original classic in the anime land, Pokemon. I am unsure how many times I’ve rewatched this masterpiece, as every time it is amazing and each episode is wonderful. I’ll start by recapping the first initial two episodes… So we are introduced to Ash and his dream of […]

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Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill just watched this anime in its entirety. At first it was just same old anime, boy goes on adventure to bring fortune to his village. However, Tatsumi encounters nasty people in the Capital unexpectedly. He doesn’t instantly gain what he wants which made me feel more interested in this anime. He meets […]

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Been a while…

Hi all, Thought I’d write a quick one. Not really had time to write anything but I have had time for some anime, of course there’s always time for that. So what’s been good recently? Well of course My Hero Academia! Deku is a consistently strong character who does not change but progresses with the […]

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Tokyo ghoul re episode 6

Just watched this week’s newest episode! So many feels in there that resonate with the sense of self. Sasike looking into himself to figure out who he is or even moreso who he should be. Honestly I feel like it’s such an emotional episode especially when they put it into the black and white checkered […]

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