Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill just watched this anime in its entirety. At first it was just same old anime, boy goes on adventure to bring fortune to his village. However, Tatsumi encounters nasty people in the Capital unexpectedly. He doesn’t instantly gain what he wants which made me feel more interested in this anime. He meets […]

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Been a while…

Hi all, Thought I’d write a quick one. Not really had time to write anything but I have had time for some anime, of course there’s always time for that. So what’s been good recently? Well of course My Hero Academia! Deku is a consistently strong character who does not change but progresses with the […]

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Illness and life

Hi all, I’ve never mentioned this on here before because well why would I? I like to write about anime and scenic places I’ve been too as opposed to sadness which can affect peoples lives . My dad recently lost his battle with cancer, brain tumour to be precise which occurred over the course of […]

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So moving on from mental health and life is varying the places I venture. Other week was Edinburgh for a few days to see different places there. It was one of the sunniest weekends in a long time so that was super fab. Using the sightseeing tour buses would recommend £16 per person for 24 […]

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Life and Mental Health

Not written on here in a while… Moving away from the anime for a sec to discuss life. When you get to that point where everything feels hopeless in a land of endless despair. The moment where everything starts and ends with one problem and another begins. This is where I am at currently… in […]

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Life…. Tokyo ghoul re

Not written anything in a while, as life does it gets in the way of what we enjoy. The amount of manga and anime I’ve watched has been limited to mainly favourite regular ones with a sprinkle of newness I guess. My main focus is Tokyo ghoul; I love it. I mean the newest series […]

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